Summer Tally

There is officially 2 weeks until my college classes start up again and I cant help but ask "WHERE DID SUMMER GO?!" Of course as they say" Time flies when you're having Fun!" Unfortunately the reality is that the days of sleeping late,eating ice cream with no remorse and getting a good tan are almost over. I'm taking tonight to check over my summer Goals list and see what I have accomplished. So Far it looks as follows...

Read Some good Books- I have read 2 to be exact and am in the middle of two more currently which I will finish before school starts.

Go to a concert- I decided to surprise my sister with tickets to a concert so we will be going next week. We have two lawn seats so I'm praying for good weather!

I can also add sushi date night since my sister and I will be going next week, its been way too long since Ive had California rolls and nothing says summer like sushi :)

Its not too late to start your list or to cross some things off! Enjoy the rest of the summer :)


  1. I have begun to do the exact same thing, making sure I get my "summer to do" list satisfied. I only wish it were warmer longer... I feel like summer just started and how I wish i could lay by the pool for many weeks to come!


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