Something borrowed ,Something Blue...

In light of summer being one of the largest wedding seasons, some of my friends getting engaged and the fact that I'm in my cousins wedding Friday, Weddings are surrounding me from all sides. What a perfect time to do a piece on some great wedding ideas! I absolutely am in love with some of these creative ideas and they can definitely be done on a small budget.

Wedding Ideas

Below is my favorite idea i have ever seen for a "guest book". This family Tree painting invites your guests to "leaf" their thumb print which creates the numerous leaves of the tree. They then write their name by their "leaf". This can be beautifully displayed as a constant reminder of your wedding and all who attended, its also a great homemade piece of artwork for your new home :) Include the day,month and year of your wedding at the bottom of the painting.

For those of you who know me, you know that I barely wear a heel and I definitely would not wear heels on my wedding day. I love these blue flats so much and I plan on having my shoes as my "something blue". No matter what kind of shoe you prefer, a blue heel or flat the day of your wedding can add that extra something to your look and discretely add your touch of blue. (found at

I have always adored the idea of a candy bar as guest favors. Let me suggest using small colored Chinese food containers for your guests to put their candy in. This avoids both giving your guests a gift they wont use or like. Here they can pick what they like and you can coordinate the color of candy according to your theme colors!

This homemade banner can be a great addition above your cake, above your favor table or candy bar. Simply type out the letters on the computer and print on card stock and string on appropriate color ribbon.

This is one of the most creative table seating ideas I have ever found. I love the idea of putting your guests table assignments on a fun bottle of soda! Not only are you hydrating them but its a fun and beautiful presentation! The chalk boards are always a fun way to write table seating can also be placed in different areas around your wedding to leave messages.

A few more ideas include:

1. Lanterns as centerpieces, these can be bought in bulk which cuts down on cost and lanterns can set a great romantic mood when lit at night

2. Photos of your parents/ grandparents weddings as table centerpieces or you can put them around the table seating area

3. I went to a wedding once where the bridesmaids carried lanterns instead of flowers and it looked so beautiful!

Have fun planning your wedding and Don't forget your something old,something new,something borrowed and something blue!