Brownie S'mores

Chopped baking chocolate
Graham Cracker crust- cooked first

Marshmallow Topping

The Results! One brownie S'more

I cant even begin to describe this dessert! It is simply to die for and you must try it! Now the recipe makes brownies from scratch which were an experience I must say and delicious but for those of you who don't have time to sit home and make brownies from scratch ( which is most of us) then i see no reason why a brownie mix from a box cant be used. This amazing recipe was found at The bake time was about 45 minutes and prep about 25. Overall this recipe took about an hour,but if you use the brownie mix from a box it will cut the prep time to about 10 minutes. I would also recommend using about 2 cups of graham crackers for the crust as I would have liked it to be thicker :) I also found that lining the pan with aluminum foil was super helpful! I just lifted the whole thing out of the pan after it was cooled which made it much easier for cutting and serving. And yes all the pictures are taken by yours truly :)

Happy Cooking!


  1. OH my goodenss! These brownies look amazing!! Good job, I'm going to HAVE to try them!

  2. those marshmallows look PERFECT.

  3. thank you girls :) Its worth every calorie let me tell you


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