Travel Time!

Summer is the only time when I can pick up without having to worry about school or work. Traveling during the summer is my absolute favorite thing to do! If its not a good road trip to the beach then it might be a trip to Venezuela with my church which is happening tomorrow! No matter where you're traveling to whether it be a resort, the beach or out of the country there are always some basic necessities to bring! Here's a list of a few of my favorite things for traveling...

To the beach:
1. Road trip Cd is the most important part! If you're a organizational fanatic buy those fun color Cd's and color code different occasions!
2. Sunglasses Sunglasses Sunglasses! My favorite purchase has been my last one! Forever 21 Sunglasses which are stylish and a steal for $5.80!
3.Wristlets! Big purses are so last season! Trust me when I say I feel the pain of downsizing but wristlets and smaller purses are much easier for on the go! When its Hot out the last thing you want is to be weighed down by that suitcase you're carrying.
4. Chap stick- for all you girls out there with the same chap stick/lip gloss addiction as me, now is the time to break it out! There is nothing worse than noticeable chapped lips. All that sun and salt water do not help your lips! Make sure you use chapstick or lipgloss with SPF if you're going to be in the sun! The only thing worse than chapped lips is sunburned lips!

Happy Traveling!