Momentary Tropical Vacation

While I wish I was able to say this post is about me going on some tropical vacation to a faraway Island like Punta Cana or Fiji, it sadly is not. It is however about one of the most tasty and fantastic restaurants I have ever been to. This past weekend i ventured to Montclair ,NJ to go to Cuban Petes. I've never had Cuban food before but felt adventurous and when i saw the charming outside seating i knew it was a must visit. From the outside it is very misleading and only until you are finding your way through the side entrance and through palm trees do you emerge into an outdoor patio with a waterfall as well as all the makings to help you feel as if you've just stepped into the tropics. They're most popular for their mojitos and Sangria but their pollo mojito( chicken with a sugarcane mojito glaze) was absolutely mouth watering! I'm planning my next trip already :) Paradise is not always a plane ride away and luckily for me its only about 20 minutes away to Cuban Petes.