How to survive the rainy day blues

The worst possible thing to happen could have been nonstop rain on my spring break and what do ya know?! Rain and tsunami winds. Some of my favorite ways to combat the unpleasant weather include the following

1. Trip to starbucks for your favorite warm drink
2. Taking time to plan out the next couple of weeks or months and make a calendar
3. Grab that book youve been dying to read and enjoy while drinking starbucks
4. Go through your closet just in time for spring and clean out everything that doesnt fit! This also gives you an excuse to go shopping for new items to replace the old ones :)
5. Make a collage from old fashion magazines
6. Bubble bath!! Complete it with candles and your favorite rainy day music, some of mine include michael buble and nora jones

Remember just becuase your not on the beach in cabo doesnt mean you cant have a great day doing what you love the most. Make it all about you on the rainy days!!